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Experience Egypt in 2021

An Egyptian vacation is always full of excitement for every member of the family in 2021. At the heart of Egypt’s cultural identity is Cairo, a cosmopolitan capital where historic churches, mosques and museums rub shoulders with luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants.

Lion World Travel is here to provide you with your must visit locations for every first time visitor to Egypt. Check out some of our exclusive Egypt trips in 2021

Ultimate guide for Egypt Travelers

Visit the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx

The Egyptian pyramids are one of the main reasons that millions of people travel to Egypt. These pyramids have a history that spans over 4000 years and has been listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

To say the least these incredible monuments are both architecturally stunning and mind boggling, despite being 4000 plus years old.

Travelers should aim to see the pyramids once during the day and once at night as the light show, shown during the evening sessions is a stunning viewpoint. Visiting the Pyramids of Giza, should be on every travelers Egyptian bucket list regardless of their age.

Take a Journey down the Nile River

A journey through the world famous Nile River is an iconic part of visiting Egypt in fact a famous phrase in the country is “Masr Hebat Al Nile” which translates to "Egypt is gifted by the Nile". The Nile is essential to the ancient civilizations and prosperity of Egypt, as it has a prolific part in the development of Egypt, as it was a major trade route of North Africa.

A must do on the Nile is to sail through on a "falouka", this will be each visitors mode of transport when sailing inside Cairo or for longer journeys to Aswan.

Enter into the Incredible Abu Simbel Temple

A visit to the incredible temple of Abu Simbel is a must in Egypt as it features some of the a variety of famous Egyptian relics. Additionally the temple is surronded by the breath taking Lake Nasser. An iconic photo op with the 4 statues that greet you outside the main temple, this is one of the best spots to grab a selfie.

The sense of wonder that the Abu Simbel temple leaves you with is an incredible level of respect for the ancient civilization that came before us. 

A Trip to the Valley of Kings in Luxor

The Valley of the Kings is one of the most important historical sights in Egypt, which is my reasoning as to why it should be in every first timers Egypt itinerary.

Visitors will need to prepare to be amazed by the thousand years old scriptures that they will be witnessing. A must see when inside the Valley of Kings is the famous tomb of Tutankhamen.


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